Drawing inspiration from the tradition of wooden barn buildings in the Okanagan, this winery celebrates the history of local farms by reviving this approach to building: simple, light, inexpensive and constructed of locally produced materials. Rich with character, most of these barns were put together without design help, and some of them are quite old. They represent a form of building that grew out of the agricultural roots of the valley, and they have weathered and remained in place for decades. 

    Their unfinished pine and cedar siding greys and blackens with age and heat.

    Their stories and history are carved in ruts and gauges on the side from horses, tractors and wear that comes with the passage of time. 

    The dry climate has allowed them to persist much longer here than in the wet coastal regions, and as a result they have lasted far longer.

    Simple. Elegant. And in harmony with the land.

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