The Church and State Coyote Bowl Winery in Oliver is designed as a specialty enclosure for limited, fine wine production, cellaring and tasting.

    Various vignettes are provided between these massive slabs, through to the outside patios, where one can enjoy passive tasting and views of the surrounding vineyards of the South Okanagan valley. 

    The inside has an effective multipurpose set of options. With the use of long concrete beam spans, glass doorways can open areas up to each other for various events. Millwork is also on castors, allowing for multi-functional positioning. Inside as well, the building’s mass acts as a passive heating and cooling unit in extreme climate conditions. A layer of rigid insulation between two outer layers of concrete tempers the internal environment and helps lower the cost of mechanical operations. The thick concrete not only aids in this function but also adds quality of character, finish and soft colour. 

    Overall, the facility succeeds in presenting a finely crafted modern statement with the use of traditional materials, while successfully contributing toward a solid branding for the future success of the winery in the valley.

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